Email me at lisa.marie.basile11@gmail.com if you’d like to work with me! Let me know a little about yourself and your project.

More about me: I’m an editor and writer with experience editing & developing essays for publications like Marie Claire, Healthline, Greatist, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Dr. Oz, and more. I’ve pitched, developed and written essays for The New York Times, Narratively (for which my work was award-nominated), The Establishment, The Fix, Byrdie, Bust, Refinery 29, Sabat Magazine, Chakrubs, and more.

Lastly, I edit Luna Luna Magazine and I’m the author of a few books of poetry, along with Light Magic for Dark Times, a collection of self-care practices for healing, regeneration, and creativity.

I’m available for:

  • Personal Essay work: I’ll help you develop pitches + structure & develop essays + brainstorm possible markets for publication

  • Journaling for healing & manifestation: I’ll guide you through a personalized journaling experience geared toward healing and manifestation. I’ve led workshops for Brooklyn Brainery, Strong Women Project/MNDFL Meditation, HausWitch, and more.

I received a Masters degree in writing from The New School and a Bachelor’s degree in English (and Psychology) from Pace University.

Note: If your work revolves around trauma, family, addiction, chronic illness, spirituality, witchcraft, wellness, grief, foster care or gothic/dark themes, I’m your editor.

Here is my LinkedIn and here is my portfolio. See testimonials below!


"Lisa Marie Basile has edited several of my essays and because of her, they were transformed into their full potential. As an Editor, her experience combined with her deep care for testimonies allows them to enhance writer's voices rather than change them. I'm excited to work with Lisa again and again." — Dallas Athent, Writer

"Lisa Marie Basile is a thoughtful and through editor. I have worked with Lisa in several different capacities, in particular when she was editing essays for Hearst's The Mix. Lisa worked with me on several essays that were ultimately published with outlets like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, and Seventeen. Her editing absolutely made my work better; she pushed me to take my writing to new depths, to develop a more engaging story for readers. My work is always stronger after working with Lisa on it, and I would absolutely recommend that anyone who wants to challenge themselves to writing their best work seek her out as an editor.” — Alaina Leary, Writer

“I hired Lisa to write "Light Magic for Dark Times" in November 2017 after becoming a fan of Luna Luna Magazine, and she exceeded my expectations at every turn. I have worked with countless authors in my ten years of publishing and few of them brought the positive energy, enthusiasm, and deep care for her craft like Lisa has. She is a pleasure to work with, has great instincts for publishing, and has a strong and compassionate voice. Her writing style is both informative and (to no one's surprise) poetic, bringing a creative spark and genuine inspiration to her instructional spellbook. Her enthusiasm carries over to the fresh voice she applies to marketing efforts and her strong presales campaign. I would work with Lisa again in a heartbeat and recommend her unreservedly as an author and creative partner.” — Jess Haberman, Editor

“Lisa is an incredibly passionate editor who invests an impressive amount of energy into her work. She genuinely connects with the content on which she is working and is respectful of both writers and audiences. It was a pleasure to work with her and see her learn so quickly in her role. She managed a tremendous workload with confidence and a positive attitude and was eager to take on more responsibilities. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. She's fantastic!” — Mike Barish, Editor

Lisa is a fantastic editor! Her feedback made my writing more consistent and polished. She is insightful, thorough, professional, and a true joy to work with. The best editors allow you to keep your unique voice intact while still elevating your work, and that's exactly what Lisa does. She is approachable and helpful and she maintains high standards for herself as well as the writers she manages.” — Mona Bushnell, Writer